Abdullah/Live At Ali's Alley

Live At Ali's Alley
Albert Heath/Kwanza(The First)
Albert Heath

Kwanza(The First)
Alice Coltrane/Eternity
Alice Coltrane

Alice Coltrane/Journey In Satchidananda
Alice Coltrane

Journey In Satchidananda
Alice Coltrane/A Monastic Trio
Alice Coltrane

A Monastic Trio
Andrew White/Saxphonits
Andrew White

Archie Shepp/Poem For Malcom
Archie Shepp

Poem For Malcom
Archie Shepp/The Cry Of My People
Archie Shepp

The Cry Of My People
Archie Shepp/A Touch Of The Blues
Archie Shepp

A Touch Of The Blues
Art Ensemble Of Chicago/Live In Japan
Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Live In Japan
Azar Lowrence/People Moving
Azar Lowrence

People Moving
Babatunde And Phenomena/Levels Of Conciousness
Babatunde And Phenomena

Levels Of Conciousness
Bobby Hutcherson/Now!
Bobby Hutcherson

Bobby Hutcherson/Waiting
Bobby Hutcherson

Bobby Hutcherson/Farewell Keyatone
Bobby Hutcherson

Farewell Keyatone
Cannonball Adderley/Phenix
Cannonball Adderley

Cannonball Adderley/Soul Of The Bible
Cannonball Adderley

Soul Of The Bible
Cannonball Adderley Sextet/Brother John -7
Cannonball Adderley Sextet

Brother John -7

Cecil McBee/Mutima
Cecil McBee

Charles Davis/Ingia!
Charles Davis

Charles Earland/Kharma
Charles Earland

Charles Mingus/Mingus Moves
Charles Mingus

Mingus Moves
Charles Tolliver Music Inc & Orchestra/Impact
Charles Tolliver Music Inc & Orchestra

Charles Tyler/Eastern Man Alone
Charles Tyler

Eastern Man Alone
Chic Corea/Tones For Joan's Bones
Chic Corea

Tones For Joan's Bones
Chick Corea/Bliss!
Chick Corea

Clifford Jordan/Inward Fire
Clifford Jordan

Inward Fire
Clifford Jordan/Remembering Me-Me
Clifford Jordan

Remembering Me-Me
Courtney Pine/I've Known Rivers -12
Courtney Pine

I've Known Rivers -12
Courtney Pine/Within The Realms Of Our Dream
Courtney Pine

Within The Realms Of Our Dream
David. S. Ware/From Silence To Music
David. S. Ware

From Silence To Music
Dollar Brand/At Montreux
Dollar Brand

At Montreux
Don Cherry/Mu Second Part
Don Cherry

Mu Second Part
Don Cherry/Where Is Brooklyn?
Don Cherry

Where Is Brooklyn?
Don Cherry/Mu First Part
Don Cherry

Mu First Part
Doug Carn/Revelation
Doug Carn

Doug Carn/Spirit Of The New Land
Doug Carn

Spirit Of The New Land
Earl & Carl Crubbs (The Visitors)/Rebirth
Earl & Carl Crubbs (The Visitors)

Earth Wind & Fire/Head To The Sky
Earth Wind & Fire

Head To The Sky
Flaming Spirit/Flaming Spirit
Flaming Spirit

Flaming Spirit
Francisco Mora/Mora!
Francisco Mora

Freddie Hubbard/Sky Dive
Freddie Hubbard

Sky Dive
Freddie Hubbard/The Black Angel
Freddie Hubbard

The Black Angel
Gary Bartz/Juju Street Songs
Gary Bartz

Juju Street Songs
Gary Bartz Ntu Troop/Harlem Bush Music
Gary Bartz Ntu Troop

Harlem Bush Music
Gene Harris/In A Special Way
Gene Harris

In A Special Way
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson/Winter In America
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson

Winter In America
Hadley Caliman/Iapetus
Hadley Caliman

Hadley Caliman/Hadley Caliman
Hadley Caliman

Hadley Caliman
Hannibal/Visions Of A New World

Visions Of A New World
Hannibal/Hannibal In Antibes

Hannibal In Antibes
Harold McKinney/Voices And Rhythms Of The Creative People
Harold McKinney

Voices And Rhythms Of The Creative People
Heath Brothers/In Motion
Heath Brothers

In Motion
Henry Butler/The Village
Henry Butler

The Village
Herbie Hancock/Crossings
Herbie Hancock

Horace Silver/The Continuity Of Spirit
Horace Silver

The Continuity Of Spirit
Horace Silver/In Pursuit Of The 27th Man
Horace Silver

In Pursuit Of The 27th Man
Horace Silver/All
Horace Silver

Horace Silver Quintet/That Healin' Feelin'
Horace Silver Quintet

That Healin' Feelin'
Huey Simmons/Burning Spirits
Huey Simmons

Burning Spirits
Idris Muhammad/Peace And Rhythm
Idris Muhammad

Peace And Rhythm
Infinite Sound/Infinite Sound
Infinite Sound

Infinite Sound
Irene Kral/Kral Space
Irene Kral

Kral Space
James Moody/Feelin' It Together
James Moody

Feelin' It Together
James Tatum/Live
James Tatum

Jayne Cortez/Celebrations And Solitudes
Jayne Cortez

Celebrations And Solitudes
Jimmy Heath/The Gap Sealer
Jimmy Heath

The Gap Sealer
Joe Henderson/Canyon Lady
Joe Henderson

Canyon Lady
Joe Henderson/Black Miracle
Joe Henderson

Black Miracle
Joe Lee Wilson/Secrets From The Sun
Joe Lee Wilson

Secrets From The Sun
Joe Lee Wilson/Livin' High Off Nickels And Dimes
Joe Lee Wilson

Livin' High Off Nickels And Dimes
John Coltrane/Selflessness Featuring My Favorite Things
John Coltrane

Selflessness Featuring My Favorite Things
Joseph Jarman/As If It Were The Seasons
Joseph Jarman

As If It Were The Seasons
Kain/The Blue Guerrilla

The Blue Guerrilla
Kenny Gil/What Was Waht Is What Will Be
Kenny Gil

What Was Waht Is What Will Be
Larry Nozero Quartet/Island Fever
Larry Nozero Quartet

Island Fever
Larry Ridley/Sum Of The Parts
Larry Ridley

Sum Of The Parts
Le Groupe Free Dance Song/Free Rhythms Dance
Le Groupe Free Dance Song

Free Rhythms Dance
Leon Thomas/Spirits Known And Unknown
Leon Thomas

Spirits Known And Unknown
Leon Thomas/In Berlin
Leon Thomas

In Berlin
Leon Thomas/The Creator Has A Master Plan -7
Leon Thomas

The Creator Has A Master Plan -7
Leon Thomas/China Doll (Part 1) -7
Leon Thomas

China Doll (Part 1) -7
Leon Thomas/Leon’s Blues -7”
Leon Thomas

Leon’s Blues -7”
Lonnie Liston Smith/Live!
Lonnie Liston Smith

Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes/Quiet Dawn -7
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes

Quiet Dawn -7
Luna/Space Swell

Space Swell
Marcus Belgrave/Gemini II
Marcus Belgrave

Gemini II
Marcus Belgrave/Maria -7
Marcus Belgrave

Maria -7
McCoy Tyner/Trident
McCoy Tyner

McCoy Tyner/Song For My Lady
McCoy Tyner

Song For My Lady
McCoy Tyner/Atlantis
McCoy Tyner

McCoy Tyner/La Leyenda De La Hora
McCoy Tyner

La Leyenda De La Hora
McCoy Tyner/Focal Point
McCoy Tyner

Focal Point
McCoy Tyner/Time For Tyner
McCoy Tyner

Time For Tyner
McCoy Tyner/Extensions
McCoy Tyner

McCoy Tyner/Sama Layuca
McCoy Tyner

Sama Layuca
Michael White/Father Music Mother Dance
Michael White

Father Music Mother Dance
Michael White/Go With The Flow
Michael White

Go With The Flow
Miles Davis/Big Fun
Miles Davis

Big Fun
Noah Howard/Ole
Noah Howard

Norman Connors/Dance Of Magic
Norman Connors

Dance Of Magic
Norman Connors/Dance Of Magic
Norman Connors

Dance Of Magic
Norman Connors/You Are My Starship
Norman Connors

You Are My Starship
Norman Connors/Slewfoot
Norman Connors

Norman Connors/Saturday Night Special
Norman Connors

Saturday Night Special
Oliver Lake/Passing Thru
Oliver Lake

Passing Thru
Paul Horn/Cycle
Paul Horn

Perry Robinson / Nana Vasconcelos / Badal Roy/Kundalini
Perry Robinson / Nana Vasconcelos / Badal Roy

Pharoah Sanders/Jewels Of Thought
Pharoah Sanders

Jewels Of Thought
Pharoah Sanders/Black Unity
Pharoah Sanders

Black Unity
Pharoah Sanders/Live
Pharoah Sanders

Pharoah Sanders/Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong
Pharoah Sanders

Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong
Pharoah Sanders/Love Will Find A Way
Pharoah Sanders

Love Will Find A Way
Pharoah Sanders/Love In Us All
Pharoah Sanders

Love In Us All
Pharoah Sanders/Wisdom Through Music
Pharoah Sanders

Wisdom Through Music
Pharoah Sanders/Izipho Zam
Pharoah Sanders

Izipho Zam
Pharoah Sanders/Live At The East
Pharoah Sanders

Live At The East
Pharoah Sanders/Rejoice
Pharoah Sanders

Pharoah Sanders & Norman Connors/Beyond A Dream
Pharoah Sanders & Norman Connors

Beyond A Dream
Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble/Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble
Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble

Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble
Rashied Ali featuring Royal Blue/N.Y. Ain’t So Bad
Rashied Ali featuring Royal Blue

N.Y. Ain’t So Bad
Richard Davis/Harvest
Richard Davis

Richard Davis/The Philosophy Of The Spiritual
Richard Davis

The Philosophy Of The Spiritual
Roscoe Mitchell/Sound
Roscoe Mitchell

Roy Brooks/The Free Slave
Roy Brooks

The Free Slave
Roy Haynes/Senyah
Roy Haynes

Rufus Harley/Re Creation Of The Gods
Rufus Harley

Re Creation Of The Gods
Rufus Harley/Scotch & Soul
Rufus Harley

Scotch & Soul
Rufus Reid Trio/Perpetual Stroll
Rufus Reid Trio

Perpetual Stroll
Sam Rivers/Streams
Sam Rivers

Selah /Edith Hill /The Children/Symposium
Selah /Edith Hill /The Children

Sonny Red/Sonny Red
Sonny Red

Sonny Red
Spider Martin/I'm A See Ya
Spider Martin

I'm A See Ya
Stan Clark/Children Of Forever
Stan Clark

Children Of Forever
Stan Getz/Another World
Stan Getz

Another World
Sun Ra/Cosmos
Sun Ra

Sun Ra/Live At Montreux
Sun Ra

Live At Montreux
Sun Ra/Over The Rainbow
Sun Ra

Over The Rainbow
Sun Ra Arkestra/Unity
Sun Ra Arkestra

Sun Ra Arkestra/Unity
Sun Ra Arkestra

Sunny Murray/Hommage To Africa
Sunny Murray

Hommage To Africa
The Art Ensemble Of Chicago/Bap-Tizum
The Art Ensemble Of Chicago

The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe/A Spirit Speaks
The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe

A Spirit Speaks
The Detroit Jazz Composers Ltd./Hastings St. Jazz Experience
The Detroit Jazz Composers Ltd.

Hastings St. Jazz Experience
The Fourth Way/The Sun And Moon Come Together
The Fourth Way

The Sun And Moon Come Together
The Gow-Dow Experience/The Gow-Dow Experience
The Gow-Dow Experience

The Gow-Dow Experience
The Prime Element/Alborada
The Prime Element

The Pyramids/Birth Speed Mercing 1976
The Pyramids

Birth Speed Mercing 1976
The Universal Jazz Sympohnette/Sound Craft ‘75
The Universal Jazz Sympohnette

Sound Craft ‘75
The Visitors/Neptune
The Visitors

Toudie Heath (KUUMBA)/Kawaida
Toudie Heath (KUUMBA)

V.A./ Timeless' Finest Jazz/Pharoah Sanders, Batida etc
V.A./ Timeless' Finest Jazz

Pharoah Sanders, Batida etc
Walt Dickerson Quartet/Impressions Of A Patch Of Blue
Walt Dickerson Quartet

Impressions Of A Patch Of Blue
Walter Bishop JR/Coral Keys Part 1 -7
Walter Bishop JR

Coral Keys Part 1 -7
Walter Zuber Armstrong/Hitana
Walter Zuber Armstrong

Warren Smith And The Composers Workshop Ensemble/Cricket Song -Poem
Warren Smith And The Composers Workshop Ensemble

Cricket Song -Poem
Wendell Harrison/Organic Dream
Wendell Harrison

Organic Dream
Wendell Harrison / Phillip Ranelin/Message From The Tribe
Wendell Harrison / Phillip Ranelin

Message From The Tribe
William Hooker/...Is Eternal Life
William Hooker

...Is Eternal Life
Woody Shaw/United
Woody Shaw

Woody Shaw/Little Red's Fantasy
Woody Shaw

Little Red's Fantasy
Woody Shaw/Stepping Stones
Woody Shaw

Stepping Stones
Woody Shaw/Rosewood
Woody Shaw

Yusef Lateef/Eastern Sounds
Yusef Lateef

Eastern Sounds